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tv   Round Peg Square Hole  CSPAN  April 16, 2017 6:50am-7:01am EDT

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secretary-general. ever sincebeen loyal in 1949.ounded and that is that we are and alliance where we have promised to protect each other. one for all, all in 1949. and that for one. >> nobel prize laureate malal a group. theiry may not know studies but they understand that education is the only way to a brighter future. secretary of state rex tillerson on u.s.-russia relations. >> we frankly discussed the relations, and the current state. i currently think they are at a low point. there is a low level of trust between our two countries.
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the world's most forefront -- the -- >> c-span's programs are available on, our homepage, and by searching the video library. >> all month, we are featuring studentcam winners in c-span's video documentary competition for middle and high school students. this year, students told us the most urgent issue with a new president and congress. our second prize high school winners are 10th-graders from silver spring, maryland. alain mara, anna brookes, and claire in c-span's video documentary competition for middle and high school students. hibbeln are students at montgomery blair high school. their documentary on undue to you and conversion therapy is entitled, "round peg, square hole." this is an issue close to all of our hearts. and it is something i feel a lot
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of people do not feel is much of an issue anymore. as we discovered doing our research, this is a huge problem for a lot of ldb tears -- lgbters. and it is only illegal in five states which is incredible in 2017. >> also, we have a vice president right now who has advocated national funds to be spent on conversion there are be -- therapy. >> that is what inclined us to do this. >> when i came out to my parents , there was physical abuse. they thought they could scare it out of me. >> i have had friends that have experienced electrocution. in my late 20's, i went through an exorcism. countless occasions
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in prayer, begging the lord to make me straight. and he never did. to slam a round peg into a square hole, something is going to give. the --ersion there up herapy. the practice can involve anything from teambuilding heerapy orto painful t shock treatment. and yet, this is still legal in five states. conversion therapy practitioners say they are responding to their clients. >> rather, we are available to help men and women decrease their same-sex attraction and develop their opposite sex potential. determineent should
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what they want. it is not my job as a clinician. >> survivors of this there be -- therapy say otherwise. >> i was told that the reason they did this, that every day a child had aids. it was month after month of horrible statements. my hands were put in ice while pictures of men touching men that, wires were wrapped around my hands and heat was applied. and even, at the end, electric shock. it was absolutely horrifying. >> they most often target kids
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under 18. these people give them what they claim is a solution. but it supports an industry that is profiting off of the harm and sometimes the death of kids. >> lgbt organization say the therapy is harmful. >> i am a clinical psychologist. that go harm to people through reparative there up the -- therapy. the american psychological association states -- considerist do not sexual orientation something that can be changed. homosexuality is not an illness and it does not require treatment and it is not changeable. when my boyfriend kisses me,
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i still feel a prig of a shock. >> it is depression. suicide. alienation from families. increased self abuse. nothing good has come from it. theany, many, many of fellow survivors that i know have challenges with alcohol, smoking, drugs because that is a coping mechanism. >> despite the facts, groulled ex-gay
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p maintain that changing as possible. s>> i connected to a support group. >> exodus international shut down in 2013. >> we have told them that they should feel ashamed or that they should try to change these things that we have realized we cannot change. sortseve that causes all of from up. i know there are people that have taken their life because they felt so ashamed of who they are. they felt god could not love them the way they work. that is something that will harm me until the day that i die. >> and it is legal, that is the worst part. it reminds you that just because something is legal, does not make it right. >> as of november, 2016, only five states have passed laws regarding trans version -- transition therapy for minors.
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seven different pieces of legislation handing conversion therapy has been -- have been introduced to congress. committed suicide. signatures ined support from president obama but never passed. our message to washington. lgbters need protection. conversion there be --therapy needs to be banned. >> we are going to ban the harmful practice of so-called conversion therapy. kids do not need to be cured of anything, they just need to be accepted and embraced. a we want you to know that as lgbt child, you are not alone,
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being your perfect self as you are born is the ultimate win. of theh all prize-winning documentaries in this year's studentcam competition, visit >> here on c-span this morning, washington journal is next. at 10:00, newsmakers with david scholl can. that is followed by a look at the annual white house easter egg roll over the last four administrations. later, we will take you inside the national museum of african american history and culture in washington, d.c. for a tour of the exhibits. >> coming up on today's washington journal, a look at u.s. policy towards syria with former u.s. ambassador marc ginsberg. dean chang from the
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heritage foundation talks about rising tensions with north korea over its nuclear program. and later, david wasserman looks ahead to the 2018 house midterm elections. >> >> today vice president pence in a stop in asia wrapping up in australia. in pyongyang, the capital city, it's been confirmed a north korean missile test failed earlier today exploding seconds after its launch. all eyes on turkey today where voters there wanting to give the president vast new powers. it could have a significant impact on the region. we'll be talking about all these stories the next three ur


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